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1) Chemist

Chemist Resume Template
Job description in details, job title chemist, responsibilities duties, petrochemicals polymerization process using dcs, responsible for, start up polymerization tower, check all valves, sensors, pumps fellowmeters, preparation tower batches...

2) Doctor Chemist
Mineralogical analysis of soils using x ray technique and determination of the following minerals, montmorillonite, vermiculite, illite, kaolinite, quartz and feldspars chemical analysis of soils including soil ph, electrical conductivity, soluble...
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4) Chemist
Work on pre treatment potable water unit, demineralization unit ion exchange, in laboratory make an analytical test for water,oil,foul, make measurement for stacks gases, make boiler treatment, work in waste water treatment unit with plc system,...

6) Chemistry
Presently work, atomic energy authority, national center for radiation research and technology, chemistry in us high dose dosimetry reference laboratory, preparing my master degree dosimetry system, appliances knowledge, industrial irradiators,...
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7) Senior Chemist
Responsible for conducting routine and non routine analysis of raw materials, packaging materials and finished goods micro testing,compiles data for documentation of test procedures and reports abnormalities, reviews data obtained for compliance...
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10) R And D Chemist
Support research development of cosmetic formulations, develop cosmetic products processes by conducting research, analysis, experimentation, prior stability testing, determine product specifications by studying consumer requirements, research new...
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