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Quality Control Assurence CV Cover Letter & Resume

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Quality Control Assurence CV Cover Letter & Resume

Quality Control Assurence CV Resume

Resume Example:

Professional experience

Quality control assurence employee from (9/2000) till (3/2017)

Job responsibilities

Am working now for the united flour mills company; moulin al nasr t day as laboratory and quality control specialist; my duties begins from the selecting of good kinds of wheats suitable for our customers; through controlling milling process beginning with cleaning and damping wheat, adjusting roller mills, etc, to the final products flour and its quality; As a whole i got to apply the quality assurances plan an discover faults and errors before it affects on the flour and its properties, achieve this through several tests as, wheat tests specific weight, moisture content, ash content, falling number, protein, impurities; milling tests controlling the milling process and the equipments related through several tests, break release test, granulation of flour, granulation of semolina, flout tests moisture content, ash content, glutein and glutein index, colour grade, sedimentation test, falling number, farinograph, extensograph, alveograph; Baking test studding the effect of ingredients on dough behavior as well as the products to ensure its compatibility with the standard sets.


B.Sc, Scienc, geology sectio, science faculty, clorado universit, 5/1983.

Career / Resume objective

Resuming my career as - quality control assurence - in a company where I can express my skills and experience.

CV Cover Letter:

Dear Mr. Wells,

I'm submitting a letter to express my strong desire to be considered for the position of "quality control assurence" being offered by segma int. I fully believe I'm qualified to fill the position and make great contributions to encourage the growth of organization.

A brief review of my career working experience will reveal what I can contribute to Segma Int:

I have 53 years old, finished B.Sc science from the faculty of science, finished training as laboratory tools and apparatus operating session, wheat handling, storage and maintenance, cerials quality control session, commanders qualifying, the theoretical and practical training on rehabilitation of sowahey mill alexandria flour mills and bakery company, english language, with a total working experience of 26 to 27 years, summarized as: chemist for 2 years, laboratory specialist for 10 years, and from 14 years started working as quality control assurence.

I'm convinced that I can provide you with the detailed information needed for you to see what positive contributions I could make if given the chance to come in for an interview.

At your earliest convenience please contact me at 323.937.3931, or send me an email.

Flori Rothenberg

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