Logistics Manager CV Cover Letter & Resume (#705)

Logistics Manager CV Cover Letter & Resume (#705):

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Sample Resume For Logistics Manager

Professional experience

Logistics manager employee from (7/2005) till (3/2017)

Job responsibilities

Edita food industries, member of berzi group, produce many food productions such as hostess, days croissant and bake rolls, logistics and planning manager; mange seven warehouses and distribution centers cover all the country, responsible for deliveries all the sales orders, prepare and monitor the budget expensive, headcount and vehicles; create kpis to warehouse and distribution staff and create incentive system relative to kpis; study the case of each car in terms of replacement and renewal, study the productivity of cars, do the overall logistics, distribution and production planning; create a system to estimate final products quantities and distribute them to all the branchesHandling with sales export department the sales orders and ensure the delivery of the product on schedule; responsible for shipments all our purchasing orders for our raw materials stock, create logistics and warehousing policy manual; follow up the export import and customs clearance department; lead the team to hand held system implementation to manage stocks, distribution, territories and routes; create database of historical data for the last three years to sales; production and distribution and that helps me to create more accurate forecasts; responsible for create and implement department strategies and monitoring it every month, manage planners, logistics staff contain accountant, casher, movement supervisor, warehouse keepers, workers, forklift drivers, drivers and helpers; responsible for implementing iso and industrial security.


B.Sc, Computer Scienc, communication sectio, computer and information faculty, clorado universit, 8/1996.

Career / Resume objective

Resuming my career as - logistics manager - in a company where I can express my skills and experience.

Logistics Manager CV Cover Letter Example

Dear Mr. Wells,

I'm submitting a letter to express my strong desire to be considered for the position of "logistics manager" being offered by segma int. I fully believe I'm qualified to fill the position and make great contributions to encourage the growth of organization.

A brief review of my career working experience will reveal what I can contribute to Segma Int:

I have 42 years old, finished B.Sc computer science from the faculty of computer and information, finished training as mcse, diploma in project management, sccp, with a total working experience of 11 to 12 years, summarized as: warehouse manager for 2 years, and from 9 years started working as logistics manager.

I'm convinced that I can provide you with the detailed information needed for you to see what positive contributions I could make if given the chance to come in for an interview.

At your earliest convenience please contact me at 323.937.3931, or send me an email.

Flori Rothenberg

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