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Marketing Manager Resume Template
Looking for well written marketing manager cover letter sample & resume template in a simple word format doc including cv work experience & job description; this example helps to build your resume and create cv letter. For related downloads click here.



Marketing Manager Employee From (9/2010) till (3/2017)


Am working at agitech us sole distributor for agilent technologies in us as a marketing manager my duties as following, to be informed on industry news trends, products, services, competitors, relevant information about legacy; existing emerging technologies and the latest productline developments; identify resale opportunities and support them to achieve sales plan; Promote the sale of agilent emg electronics measurement group products by understanding the customer requirements and providing him with the needed sales, support; respond to proposals for specific customer requirements; including request for proposal responses and industry specific solutions; prepare deliver technical presentation that explain products or services to customers; research and identify potential customers for products or services; and followed after sale by support for installation and use of equipment, visit prospective buyers at commercial, industrial; or other establishments to show products advantages or to carry on live demonstration on equipment samples; diagnose problems with installed equipments or systems if emerged after delivery to the customer, document account activities, generate reports; and keep records of business transactions with customers and suppliers; providing training and producing support material for other members of the sales team, maintain sales forecasting reports, support technical sales engineer; Providing training and support for the members of the sales team and combines their technical knowledge with sales skills to improve their level of technical knowledge needed to sell products and services and respond effectively to clients queries; maintain a customer data base for all entities targeted as current or future customers.


B.Sc. Engineering; Electronics and Communication Engineering Section; Engineering Faculty, Clorado University; 5/2005;


Resuming my career as - Marketing Manager - in a company where I can express my skills and experience.


Dear Mr. Wells,
I'm submitting a letter to express my strong desire to be considered for the position of "marketing manager" being offered by Segma Int. I fully believe I'm qualified to fill the position and make great contributions to encourage the growth of organization.

A brief review of my career working experience will reveal what I can contribute to Segma Int: I have 32 years old, finished B.Sc engineering from the faculty of engineering, with a total working experience of 8 to 9 years, summarized as: academic staff for one year, drtf operator, applications engineer for 3 years, and from 4 years started working as marketing manager.

I'm convinced that I can provide you with the detailed information needed for you to see what positive contributions I could make if given the chance to come in for an interview.

At your earliest convenience please contact me at 323.937.3931, or send me an email.

Flori Rothenberg

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