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Accountant Resumes & CV Cover Letters

Accountant cv cover letter & resume

Bookkeeping daily transaction in books prepare journal entries, posting accounts to general ledger, preparing trial balance participating assisting in issuing financial statements, participating in annual count...

Chief accountant cv cover letter & resume

Proposes changes to ensure the organization achieves financial target, prepares financial statements, prepares monthly report for management prepares department annual budget, controlling financial activities and budget forecasting...

Chief accountant cv cover letter & resume

Switching off from excel sheet to sage accpac, by playing a principle role in the implementation and set up the chart of accounts and cost centers, establish and monitor the implementation and maintenance of the accounting control procedures, monitor and support taxation issues, review and monitor all accounting entries made by the department personnel, ..

Financpial accountant cv cover letter & resume

Establishing income statement, establishing profit and loss statement, establishing balance sheet, establishing equity statement, establishing cash flow statement, analyzing the profit and cost of every project, monitoring and controlling the stock movement, recording the regular daily journal entries of the company...

Senior accountant cv cover letter & resume

Review adjusting entries, analyze interim accounts, prepare the necessary analysis required by int and ext auditors, review credit sales for tiers sector, compare books balances with bank balances, follow up variances between module and g l, prepare reports for top management, prepare customers balances, review early payments, participate in bank reconciliation, ..

Chief accountant and humain resource manager cv cover letter & resume

Responsible of the following projects, oil lube expansion project amoc project alexandria, edf port said east powers a e edf project east port said, suez gulf powers a e edf project el ein el sokhna, middle east oil refinery midor project free zone alex, u.s organization for biological products vaccin, vacsera project, job responsibilities, purchases..

Accountant cv cover letter & resume

Accountant at pyramid scientific office middle east a subsidiary of mana pharma pharmaceuticals marketing distribution, job description, responsible for the payment of debit notes from our agents in the middle east, responsible for agents account with our office, responsible for the follow up of invoices issued by our principles to our agents and their..

Retail cash accountant cv cover letter & resume

Receive the revenues from the direct customers in the retail stores against service or products according to the cash operation policy of vodafone in different methods of payment cash, credit cards or certified checks, promote new products and services and educate the customers on how to use them while adhering to the companies policies and procedures, ..

Senior accountant cv cover letter & resume

Manage all the companys account, prepare entry, perpare general ledger, prepare trial balance, prepare monthly analyist of all expenses, prepare salaries, prepare all financial report, prepare bank reconcilaition...

Accountant cv cover letter & resume

Ive employed in as an accountant and held many positions during five years till i reach the position of shipping accounting manager which was reporting to the managing director, i was responsible of making disbursements, vouchers, calculating sales income tax and made payment, prepare payroll sheets for staff, statements of accounts, inventorying, ..

Seniour accountant cv cover letter & resume

Purchasing and payable accounts, for suppliers components, suppliers finished goods, suppliers software, suppliers thinkpad, preaparing excel sheets for every supplier register and his invitation to participate in the monthly purchasing request tenders, direct order that contains the pur request brand, qua stock status, preaparing and practies tenders..

Senior operations accountant cv cover letter & resume

Job responsibilities, job responsibilities, reviewing rig costs and preparation of the monthly variance analysis reports, preparation of monthly financial managers reports rig costs, department costs, forecast, monthly journal entries for revenues, accruals, and cost adjustments, preparation of the monthly lost revenue report and rig utilization report, ..

Accountant cv cover letter & resume

Making all the financial statements balance sheet, income statement, etc and writing them on the computer in english and in arabic, i am also working as an auditor in different companies and that is a part of my job in the accounting office...

Chief accountants cv cover letter & resume

Taxation supervision, preparing monthly sales tax return, preparing annual sales tax and its corresponding auditing, monthly analysis of sales tax, monthly withholding tax transaction and audit from tax department, income tax corresponding auditing for years, treasury, monthly bank reconciliation for eight banks in two different currencies, weekly..

Financial accountant cv cover letter & resume

Responsible for record all financial transactions on computer system, prepare monthly quarterly financial reports and submit them to save the children usa, monitor cash flow and ensure that sufficient funds are always available in the bank, perform bank reconciliations as assigned, maintain perpetual inventory of fixed assets, monitor sub grants to..

Chief accountant cv cover letter & resume

Preparing of financial statements monthly annual p l, preparing of estimated budget control expanses items, bank account prepare bank reconciliation letter of credit, supervising duties of the accounting staff...

Chief accountant cv cover letter & resume

Preparing the company years end balance sheet income statement, part of the board of management where the decisions took place, preparing the companys budget and forecast, monitoring all trial balance accounts before and after monthly closing accruals, prepaid expenses, advances, employees receivables, clients, vendors and suppliers, preparing monthly..

Senior accountant cv cover letter & resume

Under direct supervision i perform daily accounting functions such as cost analysis and prepare financial reports through analysis of simple operating statistics and or financial data, accounting data entry peachtree financial software, monitor revenue and expenses for departmental accounts, prepare financial data and generates reports performs calculations..

Accountant cv cover letter & resume

Account receivable, following up the customers payments, customers invoices statement, customers collection, revising monthly statement with customers, summary of the financial position of all customers, preparing monthly reports, net sales for the current month quantity amount, gross of expenses, accumulative sales for the year, sales taxes reports, ..

Accountant cv cover letter & resume

Following bank accounts and making bank reconciliation month, billing collection statement, preparing the sales tax declaration, attending of the tax inspection, and following up the company situation...

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