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Chief Accountant Resumes & CV Cover Letters

Senior accountant cv cover letter & resume

Im a responsible for handling accounts payable follow up issued and outstanding purchase orders, stores receiving vouchers, matching purchase orders to vendors invoices, collecting supporting documents and internal approvals on the requisitions within the competence of users after then, post accruals and payments to general ledger, im a responsible..

Chief accountant cv cover letter & resume

Its my responsibility to, control the loans accounts with banks and the monthly payments, control the banks accounts and control the outgoing and incoming cheques, discuss with the owners the financial issues and problems and offer the possible solves, and also lead a teamwork to, hold the accounts books of revenues and expenses manualy and computerized..

Senior accountant cv cover letter & resume

Supervision and review staff performance, preparation of financial statements, designing accounting cycles and procedures, designing chart of accounts, preparation of statutory books, attending tax inspections and respond to the tax inspectors inquiries, preparation of withholding tax forms, preparation of payroll sheets, preparation of annual payroll..

Accountant night auditor cv cover letter & resume

Checked all c l folios have been closed upon guest departure, review f o cashier department code journal, prepared f b revenue, summary, and daily worksheet, checked guest bills investigate to explain any difference...

Accountant cv cover letter & resume

Allocating costs to their proper accounts using chart of accounts, analyze balance sheet accounts, processing the monthly cash management analysis, preparing the bank reconciliation, verification of entry transactions, ledger accounts, and trial balance, preparing the monthly payroll calculation of the salary tax social security for local employee, ..

Bank accountant cv cover letter & resume

Connecting with banking accounts, preparing bank reconciliation for each bank by comparing between our balance and bank balance, preparing daily reports to know our balances in each bank, tracing checks under collection till due date, tracing suppliers checks till payment date etc, connecting with general accounts, supplier accounts, customer accounts, ..

Accountant cv cover letter & resume

Controlling clients accounts and making weekly reports about clients indebtedness, making monthly reports about sales development in current year and comparing it with last year, making monthly reports about profitability, adjustment tax accounts and clients accounts, making some studies such as, statistical study about relationship between sales and..

Accountant cv cover letter & resume

Am working as a accontant in in general accuont department and i helped in doing balance sheet for year, and i worked in store department, clients accounts department and cash department, and i am user computer by using excel and orcal program...

Senior accountant cv cover letter & resume

Preparing monthly salary and sales tax declarations, preparing withholding tax forms, preparing corporate tax return, preparing and reviewing the annual salary tax reconciliations, reviewing the clients books and prepare the necessary analysis for the tax inspection, preparing and attending all tax inspections, advising the client with any changes..

Document contraller and accountant cv cover letter & resume

Document controller accountant, reporting to the chairman and being responsible for the following duties, preparing the accounting transactions recording in general ledger by as automation system, following up the bank accounts deposits, assisting the financial manager in preparing the financial statements according to the international u.s standards, ..

Accountant cv cover letter & resume

Fixed assets, updating fixed assets register with the new purchases, recording of fixed assets depreciation entry on monthly basis and allocating the depreciation expenses to the related cost centers, preparing monthly fixed assets additions disposals report capex statement, keeping an updated file for the fixed assets invoices, the customs clearance..

Accountant cv cover letter & resume

Preparing for income journal for individual group insured, preparing for bank reconciliation balance update cash book, preparing for sales agents income commission, bonus, etc, preparing for gross revenue expenses of all group contracts, basely clearance of its premiums, reviewing claims reserves and valuation of group polices, reviewing due collected..

Accountant cv cover letter & resume

Auiditing and the tax examination and the preparation of the regular accounts and the works of consultation and support by the books, and all what concerns the accounting system from the closure of budgets and final accounts...

Senior accountant controller cv cover letter & resume

Group procedure implementation monitoring internal control, assistance and finance training to marketing people profitability, budget follow up, monthly closing and reporting to mother cie, finance analysis for the finance manager p l by product, exchange rate impact, financial summary, budget follow up, investments follow up, budget preparation with..

Achief accounts cv cover letter & resume

My job duties responsibilities are including an accounting side auditing side and financial side as follow, accounting side, creating a new financial department in the branch, handel all activities in accounts, produce a varielety of financial reports, completion and maintenance of general ledgers, control all the daily sales, treasury bank deposits..

Senior accountant cv cover letter & resume

To prepare monthly financial statements balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement, preparing and reviewing revenues, expenses, payroll and related entries, to prepare aging analysis, assisting with end of year audits, handling the cash cycle of the business...

Accountant internal quality auditor cv cover letter & resume

Westwood group, westwood language centers ltd berlitz u s, us unlimited training services euts arkadia mal, dale carnegie training, cash flow management, following up on all payment transactions, processing payment voucher, prepares financial statements, ensures also that daily cash receipts are promptly deposited in due course, monitoring the cash..

Senior accountant and administration responsible cv cover letter & resume

The responsible person for dealing with all financial tasks and document control issues of alexandria branch including its sub offices in damanhour, damietta and el mansoura, b samples of the implemented financial duties, internal duties auditing recycling of expenses bills, coffer responsibility, tax calculations, external duties prepare submit the..

Senior accountant cv cover letter & resume

Preparing financial statements, preparing bank reconciliation, reviewing bank transfer and bank loans, account, internal computerized system, bsp link, ftp system computerized, balance sheets, profit and loss, accounts receivable, budget analysis, monthly statistics, monthly closing...

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