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Chief Accountant Resumes & CV Cover Letters

Senior accountant cv cover letter & resume

Participate in producing year end financial reports, p l account and balance sheet as well as attending many tax audits, negotiated, studied and preparing responses for the audits reports findings, maintain accounting systems, books documents, dealing and follow up all transactions between company and banks including time deposits, current accounts, ..

Senior accountant in the finance department a r cv cover letter & resume

Follow up variances between the module g l, prepare adjusting entries, review adjusting entries, analyze interim accounts, review credit sales for tiers sector, compare books balances with bank balances in what concern the n r, prepare reports for top managements, prepare and review customers balances, prepare commission for bill collectors, prepare..

Senior accountant in shipping agency cv cover letter & resume

All the tasks related to the accounting system design documentation implementation including data processing, preparing the final accounts including the income statement and balance sheet along with all the required financial statements, preparing the proforma invoice for the ships transiting the canal and for those calling at any of the u.s ports..

Accountant cv cover letter & resume

Prepared all the financial statements starting with the general journal and walking it through the general ledgers, trial balance, income statement, cash flow and completing the balance sheet, responsible of the general journal and the general ledgers ensured all journals and ledgers are up to date on a daily basis, responsible of auditing imprested..

Accountant cv cover letter & resume

Responsble for recosting of items in stores, review the inventory list every end of month, calculting proft of the saled items compard with its cost price, prepare the needs of stock for the next month, finlize the steps of the new shipments with the bank lc, and follow with outside, companies with email...

Accountant cv cover letter & resume

Accountant virgitech corporation october present, auditing of cash box custodian work, preparing custody reimbursement reports, making all entries, inventory control physically and financially, preparing official payroll report containing salaries taxes and social insurance, making bank accounts reconciliation, issuance all sorts of analytical financial..

Assistant regional chief engineer cv cover letter & resume

Responsible for implementing the iso, in charge of the hygiene standards in all hotels, responsible for the safety standards in all hotels, implement internal environmental, health and safety audits, assist in inspecting the engineering systems in hotels, prepare regular regional reports and procedures, analyze monthly reports and profit and loss declarations..

Chief engineer cv cover letter & resume

Technical site maintenance planning, follow the maintenance of power plants, bore wells, water treatment plants, sewage plants, cold storages and boilers, make the financial reports and follow up the reggie costs, inspection and follow up the new projects, follow up the subcontractors work on site...

Administative accountant cashier cv cover letter & resume

Responsible for the main safe co safe, responsible for the cash salaries in all projects, responsible audit on other project safe, post petty cash to the system for all projects, responsible for the small project expenses, cheques hand over to suppliers, dealing with the company banks, helping my department in any over work...

Chief account cv cover letter & resume

Monitoring inventory and presenting daily reports to management, supervising the receipts of goods, costing the inventories, checking reviewing of journal vouchers for correctness and proper approval, checking the correctness of all the daily transaction entered in the system, supervising the monthly inventory counts and trace it to the records, checking..

Financial accountant cv cover letter & resume

Duties, handling all matters related to accounts payable and receivables, preparing daily journal entries, post journal entries on the database erp, preparing monthly bank reconciliation, calculate staff salaries, preparing monthly debit note to the companys projects, assisting with end of year audits...

Financial accountant e marketing representative cv cover letter & resume

Making payable receipts cash and checks, also receivable receipts, holding subsidiary journals and the entry for general journal, posting to subsidiary ledgers and posting to general ledgers, posting reconseliations to ledgers, make trial balance every month for accounts, making the related reports for the balance sheet, held bank recoonceliations..

Admin assistant to the chief technical officer cv cover letter & resume

Follow up reports, daily correspondents and support daily work with plants managers, organize daily weekly calendar managing dairy, translate from english to arabic and vise versa, organize and schedule meetings appointments, mail distribution, create an organized filling system manual and electronic, arranging for conferences and business trips such..

Accountant cv cover letter & resume

Have the responsebility for aviation companies checking invoices, preparing monthly, yearly statements, checking the expences of our offices in each branch, recording the registers, sending faxs and e mails to the aviation companies, preparing employees salaries...

Chief accountant cv cover letter & resume

Preparing of journal voucher cash, bank, jv others, preparing of posting to gl, preparing of monthly gl, preparing of monthly financials statement balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, change in shareholders equity its notes, preparing of monthly sales tax return, preparing of quarterly withholding tax return form no, preparing of accounts receivable..

Senior accountant cv cover letter & resume

As a senior accountant responsible of creating us branch financial system other financial tasks, acting as a chief accountant, senior accountant and as the first accountant in the company i was responsible for creating then now maintaining the following, responsible of creating us branch financial system, responsible for taxes calculation, responsible..

Chief accountant alex branch cv cover letter & resume

Recording and follow up all account receivables, recording revenues, preparing monthly reports, preparing the monthly banks reconciliation, recording and follow up all account payables, preparing the balance sheet and final accounts, preparing the annual inventory according to company policy, warehouse control affairs, checking journal vouchers for..

Cost accountant cv cover letter & resume

Working as stock controller, evaluating booking inventory transaction through ready made package that connect the stores directly with the financial department, preparing booking the required entries to concerned accounts, matching material issue vouchers with job orders from service center and check if theres any deference, charging material issue..

Chief accountant and managing director cv cover letter & resume

Daily monitoring accounting transactions, handling monitoring petty cash and money collection, handling all accounts receivable payable, preparing forecast statements, handling all purchasing transactions, monitoring and ensuring monthly reconciliations for accounts payable banks receivable, preparing and implementing audit process, planning and directing..

Treasury accountant cv cover letter & resume

Im currently working as an treasury accountant this position gives me an excellent experience in accounting field especially in treasury and, cash management section above this i have good knowledge in handling and making lcs and its terms conditions i manage the bank accounts and make monthly reconciliation...

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