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Mechanical Deputy Manager
(Resume #466)

From until now in alexandria fiber company afco one of the petroleum sector company, sister company of alexandria carbon black acbc a major company in field of producing acrylic fiber its the only factory in the middle east africa its one of aditya b....(..)

Graphic Designer And Office Manager
(Resume #486)

Designing eces publications catalog, annual report, conferences folder, brochure, greetings cards, invitations and presentations using coreldraw, coreldraw photo paint and microsoft power point, handling the printing material and the quality output w....(..)

Financail Manager
(Resume #490)

The arab group co is established by a group of the most reputable business leaders in us in the field of trading manufacturing, duties responsibilities, supervise all financial matters starting from budgeting through to accounting and auditing, ensur....(..)

Admin Assistant To Export Manager
(Resume #492)

Assist the export director supervisor in all export shipments to foreign countries, handle all the clients clearance procedures, follow up all the shipments from departing the port of load till the arrival to the warehouse, review all the shipping do....(..)

Brand Manager
(Resume #494)

Communicate within all the sales department through their heads to know their needs of product on weekly basis, sent all the effective material, data and information to the marketing manager and assist on maintain the marketing campaign as per the ag....(..)

Marketing Manager
(Resume #502)

Willingness to keep abreast of new developments in the field of marketing resources, led trained employees onto different marketing and sales approaches, construct marketing and sales plans to be implemented by the organization, generated reports cov....(..)

Operation Manager
(Resume #527)

Responsible for all the settlement of the local shares gdrs and performance of staff, ensure the rules and procedures of the company are taken properly, sending confirmation to international local clients for executed orders, following up daily trans....(..)

Project Manager
(Resume #529)

Joined sakhr software as a programmer in what was called operating systems dpt and its now called localization dpt, i worked on many platforms windows, palmos,symbian and windows ce the area of arabic applications and bi di enabling in nn supporting ....(..)

Software And Billing Manager
(Resume #531)

Sofisat in cooperation with gdss are telecommunication company thay are responsible for installing and maintain fixed phone lines, im working as a software developer, doing the analysis and design for the administration software like workorder and co....(..)

Financial Manager
(Resume #555)

Supervision of accounts department, preparation of financial statements, p l accounts bs and cash flow statements on monthly and yearly basis, checking of daily reports cash, banks, sales prod, etc, checking of weekly monthly reports analytical of in....(..)

Operation And Contract Asst Manager
(Resume #561)

Preparing letters, faxes in formal forms, preparing invoices and offers, preparing all documents concerning offers for tenders, responsible for all logistics all suppliers offers, responsible for implementing all overseas supplies, responsible for cu....(..)

Business Development Manager
(Resume #587)

Handling both responsibilities of the training the international business cooperation departments facilitated the strategic action plan for heia, developed and negotiated forms of cooperation between heia and international donors and similar associat....(..)

Assistant Manager
(Resume #589)

Assistant general manager for accounting, assistant general manager for construction sites, reviewed and analyzed monthly costs, assistant in customers problem solving, dealt greatly with suppliers and customers...(..)

Qualitative Research Manager
(Resume #592)

Senior qualitative and quantitative researcher, solid experience in qualitative and quantitative market research including the continuous interaction with both marketers and consumers in order to formulate effective marketing, strategies, a total of ....(..)

Site And System Manager
(Resume #601)

Responsible for overall construction and design activities associated with my site and according to sofisat specifications to provide wireless service to customers, i m responsible for, ensuring that all aspects of the work are successfully completed....(..)

Assistant Manager
(Resume #610)

Am working as an assistant for career development manager which is resposible for marketing for mbas, mibas and othe diplomas that are offered by the academy, i am mainly responsible for organizing all events such as job fairs, seminars, graduation c....(..)

Sales Manager Pbum
(Resume #632)

Selecting approaching prospects, identifying clients needs insurance saving investment, designing and presenting solutions, closing the sales, servicing clients, receiving applications from sales agents, company branches based on type of business, en....(..)

Corporate Sales Manager
(Resume #642)

Yalla online, one of the leading internet service providers in u.s it is renown in the u.s market by its digital subscriber lines distinguished service quality, this is a position that not only works on achieving the required target within time but a....(..)

Pr And Marketing Communications Manager
(Resume #646)

From december until present, i occupied several positions in the company beginning from a receptionist, personnel pr executive, then to the marketing department the below were my major responsibilities, responsibilities, provided promotional and mark....(..)

Office Manager
(Resume #647)

Assist the general manager in all administrative and legal documentation and procedures, assist in preparing presentations, responsible for personnel and hr matters, responsible for travel bookings and arrangements, responsible for agencys events org....(..)

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