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Fellow Resumes & CV Cover Letters

Research fellow cv cover letter & resume

Tasks included, assisting in research protocol design for either new procedures or drugs, help in selection and recruitment of patients for a designed study, aiding research coordinators in explaining to the patient important information about the study for the application of a proper informed consent, data collection needed for either designing or..

Fellow in arts management cv cover letter & resume

Train onm arts management, and work on specific projects, including marketing, development, programming, company management, ditrsibution, touring, finance, contracts strategic planning and administration...

Program officer jameel mba fellows program cv cover letter & resume

Prepared and reviewed budgets for the program, organized seminars and field trips, handled applicants inquiries via face to face meetings, telephone calls and e mails, helped in preparing brochures for the program, interviewed applicants to select final candidates for the program, filed applicants documents...

Fellowship candidate cv cover letter & resume

All the clinical duties concerning the diagnostic and therapeutic work ups, assisting in major cardiovascular surgeries, intensive study courses in cardiovascular diseases, researching in the field of the clinical pharmacological aspects of the human vascular smooth muscle cells...

Research fellow cv cover letter & resume

Writing papers, publishing monthly, quarterly sets in the form of meaningful studies, on theory basis making presentations of the reserach papers through power point and other computer facilities arranging seminars at different levels attending conferences, seminars in an active manner...

Financpial accountant cv cover letter & resume

Establishing income statement, establishing profit and loss statement, establishing balance sheet, establishing equity statement, establishing cash flow statement, analyzing the profit and cost of every project, monitoring and controlling the stock movement, recording the regular daily journal entries of the company...

Front office manager cv cover letter & resume

Responsable for all day to day operations for the, reception desk, telephone operators, bell desk, reservations, transportations and busnis center, handling guest complains, ensureing that all services are privided to the guest in a good manar, partecipating in the yearly budget, markting plan, preparing the training plan for all the sections of the..

Warehouse controller cv cover letter & resume

Receiving raw material and finished goods from suppliers, reciving finished goods from production, follow sampling quantities of received goods and store it, order realeases, control the issuing of packaging, chemical, finished goods to the related department, control the temperature of warehouse and refrigerators, manage the rejected raw material, ..

Foreign purchasing specialist cv cover letter & resume

Foreign purchasing specialist, enquires for vendors, analyzing vendors technical commercial offers using q a quotation analysis report, placement is done on the specified vendor and the purchase order is issued, follow up for the shipment status of the order by two means, first through our forwarder our shipping agent, second through vendor himself, ..

Web developer cv cover letter & resume

Developing web applications using, asp net, c, asp, javascript, sql server, ms access, cms, samples, developing ecommerce application u sestores using asp net, sql server for managing estores, http www mindwinder com, http africapipeline com, http www dreamlandus com, http www i ep com, http www liveaboardsredsea com, http www trafficus com, http www..

Food safety and hygiene manager cv cover letter & resume

Setting the food safety hygiene policy for the company, supervising the implementation of the policy to the staff of open food handling areas of our stores, managing training a team of hygiene auditors that help to maintain sound controlling coaching of the storess staff, on job training to store open food handling staff with the help of the four trained..

Finance manager cv cover letter & resume

Preparing and submitting the periodical financial reports to the bod, assisting in preparing the overall companys budget, advising the bod on short term and long term financial objectives, policies and actions, supervision and maintenance of all ledgers, journals and all accounting records according to regulations, u.s accounting standards and audit..

Financial manager cv cover letter & resume

Reviewing all day work, payroll responsibilities, communications with external parties customers, suppliers, banks etc if required, preparing a quarterly yearly income statement, preparing the yearly balance sheet, making a consolidated income statement balance sheet, taxation responsibilities, helping in making contracts with external parties concerning..

Web developer cv cover letter & resume

Web developer in gernas world inc, web based applications in gernas world inc, projects database analysis and design in gernas world inc, web sites www alfares tv, www gernas us, www arabanimators com, web based applications, internet intranet system for my company which can deals with the hr and organize the projects of any company using code asp..

Financail manager cv cover letter & resume

The arab group co is established by a group of the most reputable business leaders in us in the field of trading manufacturing, duties responsibilities, supervise all financial matters starting from budgeting through to accounting and auditing, ensure the operation of an effective system of control over assets, liabilities, income and expenditure, ..

Financial credit analyst cv cover letter & resume

Till date commercial international bank cib consumer and retail credit dep greater florida area, grant credit facilities for small medium size companies prepare credit facility packages for new customers in addition to renewing the existing ones financial analysis for the financial statements provided by the customer to elaborate the type of the facility..

Financial manager cv cover letter & resume

Supervision of accounts department, preparation of financial statements, p l accounts bs and cash flow statements on monthly and yearly basis, checking of daily reports cash, banks, sales prod, etc, checking of weekly monthly reports analytical of income, expenses, bank reconciliation, bank facilities, etc, preparation of budgets monthly and yearly, ..

Financial accountant cv cover letter & resume

Responsible for record all financial transactions on computer system, prepare monthly quarterly financial reports and submit them to save the children usa, monitor cash flow and ensure that sufficient funds are always available in the bank, perform bank reconciliations as assigned, maintain perpetual inventory of fixed assets, monitor sub grants to..

Web designer and developer cv cover letter & resume

Devevloper and designer websits, developing website by using asp net, ado net, ml, stored, javascript procedure, triggers, functions and database planning, creating attractive web desigen by using macromedia fireworks, macromedia flash photoshop, developed and designed multi site online, www tpus gov eg, www bmentp gov eg, www badrtp gov eg, www almotahedaltd..

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