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S Cleak Resumes & CV Cover Letters

Database administrator cv cover letter & resume

The database administrator is responsible for, designing and adding new fields in the database client and consultant application, entry of new consultants and clients in the database in order to be registered and coded, sending new forms for clients and consultants to update their forms, complete missing information in the data, keeping the documents..

Sales and marketing director cv cover letter & resume

Organizes and analyses research, surveys and reports on products, customers and sales, studies competitors products, market trends and customer demand, monitors sales and goods produced, estimates customer demand, develops new products and services, somes up with strategies to attract customer attention, such as attractive prices and advertising, plans..

Senior network engineer cv cover letter & resume

Responsible for the network design implementing and trobleshooting servers design implenting and trobleshooting dealing with all cisco and microsoft products lan design, implementation, troubleshooting excellent, vpn design implementation troubleshooting, wan design very good frame relay atm isdn, routing and routing techniques very good, very good..

System manager cv cover letter & resume

Duties responsibilities, maintaining the efficiency, availability and fault tolerance of the microsoft retail management system, getting the system needs of the system users other departments accomplished, and providing solutions recommendations for any obstacles facing the optimum use of the mrms, supervising maintaining all the processes involved..

Translator and interpreter cv cover letter & resume

Changing the companys strategies lead the company to provide its services to the gulf countries in stead of ks a alone, ability to understand and handle the traditional and modern advertising means, attending outside fairs for recruitment like mo men fair, responsible for campaign in saudi arabia trying to obtain all saudi companies to be our clients, ..

Quality assurance lead auditor cv cover letter & resume

Act as the company, s lead auditor, leading a group of internal auditors, responsible for the implementation of the internal auditing procedures within the company, its maintenance and continuous development including the execution of yearly internal audit plans and its regular updates, participate in handling customer complaints and its investigation..

System developer cv cover letter & resume

Work as a system developer at it department in a big company that has its great possion at vet medical market in u s, our work is design and develope a complete computer package that handel all the company work like stock, sales, purchashing, payroll, etc, and also we setup those programe as a client server programe to our clients employee and learn them..

Quality and assurance assistant cv cover letter & resume

Internal controller for abb holding company, establishing and maintaining adequate procedures for internal control over financial reporting, reconciling the financial reporting mismatches of local intercompany transactions by drilling down into source documents, responsible for creating an auditing process for the controllers over the sales collection, ..

Applications manager cv cover letter & resume

Essential functions, managing applications throughout their lifecycle, supports and maintains operational applications, and plays an important role in design, testing and improvement of applications that form part of it services, support the organizations business processes by helping to identify functional and manageability requirements for application..

Sales manager cv cover letter & resume

Establishes sales objectives by forecasting and develops annual sales quotas for regions and territories projecting expected sales volume and profit for existing and new products, establishes and adjusts selling prices by monitoring costs, competition, and supply and demand, solves client problems, directs, coordinates, and reviews activities in sales..

It supervisor of technical support cv cover letter & resume

Unix operator and technical support for years, windows server administrator for years, exchange server administrator for year, network administrator under unix and windows server, establishment, maintenance, system updating, troubleshooting, swaift administrator, updating unix network by windows server, http, ftp tcp ip knowladge...

Inst and control application eng cv cover letter & resume

Product manager for ge power management control system for control and supervision, technical support for smar instruments and field bus system, participate in handling aramco business related to instrumentation and control projects, follows up product availability delivery according to projects schedule, start up and commissioning of alarm and monitoring..

Assistant factory manager at st george cv cover letter & resume

Production lines preparation and calibrations packaging lines running and manpower monitoring, supervising the quality control department, recruiting the new staff maintenance electrical, electronic, automatic control troubleshoots, using plc program omeron using controllers and drives inverters, preventive maintenance program daily weekly monthly..

Senior business analyst cv cover letter & resume

Responsible for gathering the internal projects requirements from different departments, analyzing and delivering technical requirements, testing and providing feedback to the development team, training and supporting the end users on the developed projects analyzed projects include the dsl billing system, vpn systems, blackberry mobinil customer service..

Retail cash accountant cv cover letter & resume

Receive the revenues from the direct customers in the retail stores against service or products according to the cash operation policy of vodafone in different methods of payment cash, credit cards or certified checks, promote new products and services and educate the customers on how to use them while adhering to the companies policies and procedures, ..

Ass manager cv cover letter & resume

Sales and application engineer at tartoussieh engineering trading co agent distributor of flowserve pump division, sales and application engineer at the after sale department, repair, failure analysis, upgrading pumps at some petroleum company and electric power stations...

System engineer cv cover letter & resume

Working unit instrumentaion business unit, technical engineer in the field of automatic control, design and build complete solutions for the industrial processes using the most recently control systems like dcs, field bus control plcs...

Senior accountant cv cover letter & resume

Manage all the companys account, prepare entry, perpare general ledger, prepare trial balance, prepare monthly analyist of all expenses, prepare salaries, prepare all financial report, prepare bank reconcilaition...

It supervisor cv cover letter & resume

Responsible for the following departments in the company, data communications sales dept, network engineering dept, network installation dept, technical support dept, data communications solutions design lan, wan and, internet solutions using switches, hubs, remote, access servers, routers, leased line, modems etc, technical in many kinds of connectivity..

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